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Sudbury Transmitters

Located near Sudbury, Suffolk.

UHF TV: 6MUXs at 100, 000W

Digital radio: D1 National 11D at 1000W, BBC National DAB 12B at 2400W, Essex 12D at 1000W 

EE: 1800MHz 2G/4G, 2100MHz 3G 3: 2100MHz 3G Vodafone: 900MHz 2G O2: 900MHz 2G

The two Sudbury transmitters. Sudbury B on left and A on right. Sudbury B only broadcasts the 3 COMs and only has half its top section of transmitting antennas.

Sudbury A complete with a main UHF array and reserve. Essex local DAB dipoles are also visible. Cellular panels and microwave below. Since these pictures were taken, a 4 tier BBC DAB setup was fitted.

Sudbury B has much less equipment on it. Looks to have one cellular platform which is likely old MBNL.