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Plympton UHF Relay Mast

UHF TV: 3PSBs and 3 COMs at 400W

DAB: 11D, 12B, 12D at 2000W, 2000W, 3000W.

FM: BBC four, BBC Radio Devon and Heart

Cellular: All MNOs (covered below)

The Plympton TV mast is on the left, whereas the right one appears predominantly cellular.

The Plympton UHF closer up. UHF shroud at top, then VF cellular panels, with O2's panels lowest.

The cellular mast closer up.

The Vodafone Cellular panels. Two are legacy Vodafone dual Band and one is a newer Kathrein Dual band, presumably replacing a broken legacy panel. Speed was about 6mbps on 3G 2100MHz.

The O2 panels. Very standard legacy O2 panels which provided 7mbps on 3G 2100MHz.

The EE panels on the separate mast. It was broadcasting EE 2G/4G 1800MHz and EE/3 3G 2100MHz though there are Commscope 800MHAs visible, so the mast should broadcast 4G 800MHz from EE or 3 or both at some point in time.