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Brighton (Whitehawk Hill) Transmitter

Height: 45M

Postcode: BN2 5EL

UHF TV: 6MUXs at 4000W, Local Multiplex 400W

DAB Radio: Sussex Coast 11B at 790W, D1 National 11D at 500W, BBC National DAB 12B at 2000W

Analogue Radio: BBC, Classic FM, Heart

Ex Channel 5 analogue Dipoles are still in use.

Vodafone: 2G & 3G 900, 3G 2100, 4G 800 EE: 2G & 4G 1800MHz, 3G 2100MHz, O2: 2G & 3G 900, 3G 2100, 4G 800 3: 3G 2100MHz, 4G 800MHz and 1800MHz (I think)

Mixed DAB/FM panel close up


Brighton Whitehawk Hill on MB21